Currently Available in:
12000BTU      (1 Ton)
18000BTU  (1.5 Ton)
24000BTU      (2 Ton)
36000BTU      (3 Ton)

Gree’s Ceiling Cassette will inconspicuously provide quiet performance through innovative design. The Ceiling Cassette is extremely suitable for any room, and can be easily installed in suspended ceilings with only a discreet decorative discharge grille visible. Gree’s fan technology quietly and evenly distributes conditioned air throughout the room, and an internal condensation pump reliably disposes condensate water to a safe location. The Cassette is ideal for light commercial applications which require comfort control in large, open spaces. Each Ceiling Cassette can be operated by an infrared remote control or XK-19 wired tether controller, allowing maximum flexibility for an application.

  1. Multi Speed Fan
  2. Remote Control Lockout
  3. Swing Louver
  4. Decorative Discharge Air Grille (sold separately)
  5. IR Remote Control
  6. XK-19 Tether Wired Controlled
  7. Power Failure Recovery
  8. Healthy Filter (optional)
  9. Internal Condensate Drain Pump
  10. Sentry Float Switch
  11. Cleanable Air Filter
  12. Fresh Air Intake (24K model only)